Our Mission

At Solutions For Water, we provide homeowners with tips and ideas for home maintenance. We provide helpful information for you and your household to enjoy a quality standard of living. You’ll find tips on using appliances, DIY home decor, laundry cleaning, and general housekeeping advice. Our main objective is to provide resourceful information on essential technical aspects of home management.

Our team comprises skilled writers from different fields. Our writers include Professional plumbers, House cleaners, Gardeners, Contractors with years of skill and experience in their respective fields. We are all committed to providing the best tips and advice you’ll need as a homemaker.

In addition, we ensure that our writers develop important content to help you make the best decisions for your households. Whether it’s a large or small household, we offer all-inclusive information suitable for your household needs.

Our Review Process (FAQ)

Our product review policy helps us to provide our readers with the best information. We use flexible and cost-effective processes to review products before recommending them. Product review helps us deliver value to our customers by offering well-tested appliances and products.

We also accept professional advice and encourage suggestions on ways to develop our review process and make adequate changes where necessary.

How do you select products for review?


What’s your review process like?

Among our various publications, we offer product reviews where we rate household appliances based on several categories such as pricing, quality, and usage. We conduct professional tests, in-depth market research and compare our findings with the opinions of other users. We adopt an impartial review system and share our results after careful consideration among the team members.

Can readers influence the review process?

At the end of our product review articles, we encourage our readers to make comments and give their opinions. We encourage feedback from our visitors and pay attention to every single message. We embrace positive comments as well as critical views to ensure honesty and accountability.

How do you rate the products?

We use an objective assessment method based on three main categories;

  • Consumer feedback
  •  Pricing
  •  Product Quality

We also consider the Pros and Cons of using the particular product. But, ultimately, we rely on our objective personal opinions when ranking our product.


Solutions For Water comprises several teams of writers, editors, research consultants, and fact-checkers. Our team of fact-checkers is selected after a careful vetting process. Our fact-checkers are made up of qualified journalists and research experts who have top skills in their respective fields. They conduct comprehensive research and source finding to ensure that all the information provided in our articles are accurate and true.

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Advertising Policy

We belong in the Amazon Associate Affiliate Advertising program. We post ads on our sites to help us earn money. However, we do not require visitors to pay money to access information on the site. Also, we do not make sponsored product reviews. We make our rankings from our objectively formed opinions. The products we recommend are only meant to help you make the best decision. We do not sell any products to our readers.

Our Members

Oscar Jackson
Oscar Jackson
Licensed Master Plumber

Oscar Jackson is a licensed Master Plumber with over 35 years’ experience in real estate and commercial plumbing.

Oscar Jackson is a licensed master plumber with over 35 years of experience. He constructs and designs innovative plumbing systems for commercial and residential buildings. Oscar has received several award recognitions throughout his career. He is currently one of the most respected master plumbers in New York. Oscar now works as a plumbing consultant and supervisor for different projects. And in his spare time, he trains young apprentices who also want to become licensed master plumbers. Read more…

Marc Edwards
Marc Edwards
Household Plumber

Marc Edwards has been working full-time as a plumber for the past 15 years. He generates resourceful content at Solutions For Water (SFW) with his knowledge and plumbing expertise.

Marc Edwards is an accomplished plumber and author. He has managed to combine his interests in building and plumbing with a writing hobby. Marc writes articles on plumbing insights that are useful to both homeowners and expert plumbers. He also trains young apprentices in his plumbing agency. Read more…

Beatrice Stone
Beatrice Stone
Housewares and Appliances Tester

Beatrice Stone is a household appliance expert with more than 9 years of experience. She writes content mainly on how to use and maintain houseware appliances. However, she also offers her readers a wide range of creative content. Her topics include; different qualities, brands, and vendors of houseware appliances.

Beatrice Stone started her freelance practice reporting her experience as a product tester in 2011. She has a background in electrical engineering and spent many years inspecting houseware products and appliances. Beatrice focuses her writing on modern and innovative product discoveries. She currently writes for lifestyle and homemaking magazines and journal publications. Read more…

Nancy Green
Nancy Green

Nancy Green is an established fitness writer and nutritionist.

Nancy Green is a professional nutrition writer with a passion for fitness and diet training. She works and writes for several non-profit organizations to ensure healthy food consumption. When she’s not, Nancy organizes fitness training classes and works as a diet consultant. Read more…

Samantha Clark
Samantha Clark
Housekeeping & Stain Removal Expert

Samantha Clark is a professional homemaking consultant. She writes on housekeeping, textile maintenance and conservation, laundry management, and general home decor designs. In addition, she is an experienced researcher on various aspects of housekeeping and laundry service. Her work experience has given her a skill in cleaning methods and delicate fabric protection. Samantha also creates home décor and organization plans that suit different home structures. Read more…